Adopting a cat

Things to consider before adopting a cat

Adopting a cat is a very important decision and before doing it we need to take our time, think things over, do some research, ask ourselves the right questions.

With the desire to have a cat, many questions arise about your future friend: “Should I adopt a tomcat or a cat?” ” Should I adopt a kitten or a mature cat?” “Should I look for a purebred or a stray one?”

In this article we will highlight the main things you need to consider before adopting a cat.

Am I ready for a cat?

Adopting a cat is a long-term commitment, so this step requires a long time of thinking and research. The cat is an animal having emotional feelings, so “he” or “she” deserves to be a family member and not just a collector’s item. If you want your future cat to be just a way to beautify your home, most probably you should reconsider the idea. Also, don’t forget to consult with the rest of the family members about your idea of adopting a cat, as you will need to share your commitment to cat care.


Apparently taking care of a cat does not involve too much expense and too much effort on the owner’s side. But in reality, things are completely different, having a cat can become very expensive in time. The main expenses are related to food supply and the litter box, but to these can be added also expenses with vaccinations, sterilization and other visits to the vet, if necessary. In addition to the financial effort, owning a cat also involves a discipline related mainly to cleaning the litter box, as well as playing interactive games with the new family member, so before you adopt your first cat, make sure you are willing to make these small “sacrifices”.

Work schedule

Before adopting the first cat, think about whether your work schedule allows you to do this. If your job involves overtime hours, or frequent business trips, adopting a cat may not be the best decision. A cat needs regular meals, access to the litter box, as well as a lot of care. Your absence from home can affect your cat’s health and development but this detail can be solved if you have a trusted friend willing to take care of your cat while you are away.

Cats and kids

Because of the increased risk of inhaling cat hair or getting in contact with the microbes from the cat, it is recommended not to keep cats around children less than 3 years old.
On the other hand, both the cat and the dog develop a protective feeling for the children in the family in which they live. So, if you want your future cat to be your child’s best friend, make sure it doesn’t affect his or her health.


Unfortunately, nowadays more and more people suffer from various allergies, both to food and to the objects around them. Cat allergies can create quite serious complications, so it is very important to make sure that no member of your family suffers from such an allergy before adopting the first cat.

The presence of a dog

The presence of a dog in your family can be a very serious impediment to the adoption of a cat. Dogs and cats are not always best friends. However, the relationship between a dog and a cat doesn’t always have to be based on aggression and hostility; sometimes the dog and the cat can be good friends, sometimes are indifferent to each other. There are many ways to help a dog and a cat become friends, just be sure you are willing to make the effort.

Take your time and make sure you can commit to this relationship. Some might say adopting a cat is like getting married 🙂